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2022-04-07 03:10:05 By : Mr. sunny zhen

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When one thinks of the homebuilding process, one usually doesn’t imagine it taking place inside a factory.

But a confluence of market forces now has some firms challenging that notion, building walls, floors, roofs and even entire structures in offsite manufacturing facilities.

On the latest episode of “Deconstruct,” The Real Deal talks to some of the firms building prefabricated and manufactured homes. Prefab, which refers to modular or panelized construction, mobile homes and kit homes, is increasingly popping up across the country. And it’s not just for cheap homes: an ever-growing amount of luxury homes are getting the prefab treatment, too.

Those behind the trend believe prefab construction can be a means of alleviating housing shortages, lengthy construction timelines, environmental issues and, lately, supply chain challenges.

Plant Prefab’s Steve Glenn, Orbit Homes’ Lauren Tucker and Abodu’s John Geary

Listen in to hear from Steve Glenn, CEO of custom home builder Plant Prefab; Lauren Tucker, co-founder of manufactured home designer Orbit Homes; and John Geary, the CEO of Abodu, which builds accessory dwelling units with prefab construction methods.

Deconstruct is streaming on Apple, Spotify and wherever else you listen to podcasts.

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