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2022-09-17 01:15:34 By : Ms. Sunny Shin

Some viewers hailed the latest episode the 'best one ever'

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Viewers were left feeling rather emotional on Wednesday night during the latest episode of Grand Designs. The popular property programme returned to Channel 4 last week for its 23rd series with presenter Kevin McCloud back at the helm of the show.

The first episode which aired on August 31 followed Colin and Adele as they took on an ambitious project to design and construct their dream home in Hale, south Manchester. But things quickly went pear-shaped as the couple were let down by their contractors and they ended up going a whopping £1,000,000 over budget.

This week fans of the series were in for a totally different experience as former farmer Rob and his partner Kate set out to replace their tattered 1940s prefab house in Kent, that was built as refuge during the war, with a bespoke, contemporary home that would be built in a factory.

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With viewers used to seeing properties brought to life by builders on site, the revolutionary episode showed the couple's dream home being built using volumetric modular construction in a factory - which was lifted onto their land via a crane once completed.

Rob and Kate set out to complete their project with a modest £350,000 budget that they had inherited and set themselves a goal of five months, which included demolishing their existing prefab, building their custom-built new home, decorating and furnishing.

The couple encountered a few problems along the way, one being that their neighbour had initially granted them permission to access his field for the crane to transport their home - but later retracted his offer.

After some deliberations Rob and Kate eventually convinced him to offer up his land - but they had to pay him in return.

Another problem occurred whilst demolishing the couple's run-down old home as builders discovered the place was riddled with asbestos, which can be life-threatening.

Aside from a few minor issues, Rob and Kate's home-building story was one filled with love and emotion. During the instalment, the pair revealed that Rob's grandfather had built their former home on the agricultural land during the war in the forties.

The couple also opened up to presenter Kevin as they said they hadn't been able to have children , therefore creating something memorable together was very important to them.

In an emotional scene Rob said: "I've always wanted to build Kate a house to see a smile on her face and how excited she gets, she's wonderful."

His partner Kate added: "If it's important to him, it's important to me. Not being able to have children so to be able to create this which is so much of us together is different, but it's home."

Rob and Kate were thrilled with their factory-built home, which once complete was a modern steel-clad three-bed home with a statement chimney and beautiful balcony.

The pair's home was completed in five months as predicted, going £20,000 over budget - but this was nothing in comparison to last week's couple's overspend.

Viewers were left in tears at the sentimental meaning behind Rob and Kate's dream home and were overjoyed for the couple, with some branding the episode the 'best one' yet.

@fiona_borthwick tweeted: "Oh GOD!!! Grand Designs has got me right in the heart strings tonight."

@Wandoful said: "Probably the most emotional Grand Designs I’ve ever watched hope Kate and Rob have a life time of happiness in their new home."

@heyfifi wrote: I'm not crying… are……someone’s cutting onions…," as @stooky31 added: "Best episode ever! What a lovely couple and the house was absolutely stunning."

@jonie1303 tweeted: "last night's episode of #GrandDesigns was the best one What a great couple Rob and Kate are, they have a fantastic home, I hope they have many happy years in their new home."

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